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Canadian Made

July, 2023
Richard Moses
Founder and COO

Just how well are Canadian companies faring filing new patents?

We analyzed 1,574 US patents granted to Canadians for the first half of 2023. The analysis includes 857 assignees – Blackberry Ltd. ranks the top company with 72 granted US patents.

Patent Rating Results

Patent Checkup uses a Patent Rating scale “A” through “D”. A-rated patents represent patents with the highest value, B-rated patents have medium value, C-rated patents have low value and D-rated patents are unlikely to have value. Once again, Blackberry Ltd. ranks top of the list with 11 A-rated patents, more than twice the national average!

Quickview results are illustrated below (for a description of Quickview see

  • 6.3% of the patents (99 patents) are A-rated, A-rated patents have litigation/enforcement potential.
  • 18.1% of the patents (105 patents) are B-rated (105/530), B-rated patents have licensing potential.
  • Contact us for a detailed listing of results, including companies and ratings.
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    Patents are granted irrespective if they have value or not

    Many patents have no value either because the inventions are worthless or because the patent is legally handicapped even though it has business value. Securing valuable patents need not require more effort or cost than obtaining invaluable ones. Prepare for building a valuable patent portfolio starting from filing an application, during prosecution as well as after the patent issues. By applying best practices consistently across a portfolio, owners can create valuable patents and patent portfolios.

    What’s in your portfolio?

    Send us your patent list and we will return your Quickview results. There is no charge or registration required. Visit and click REQUEST A CHECKUP.