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    Are your patents providing adequate protection?       

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    Are you throwing money away on worthless patents?

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    Can your patent claims be strengthened?

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    Which patents are worth licensing?

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    Assess the strength of patents asserted against you.


Benefits of an Assessment

We help our clients get more out of their patent portfolio. It’s about understanding the value of patents, and then deciding how to make those patents work for the company’s bottom line. The analysis allows clients to make informed choices about how to best leverage their portfolio. For clients facing patent assertions, we assist in evaluating the strength of those patents.


Why Pelent

Portfolio Valuation

Patent assessment is expensive, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Pelent is the only system that automates this capability saving costs by orders of magnitude.

Portfolio Analysis Report

With eight years of machine learning, processing over 1 terabyte of data, analyzing more than 30 million records and over 100,000 valuable patents, there is no system that compares.

AI-Powered NLP

Pelent's AI system simplifies the process to assess a patent's commercial value and enforceability. It helps evaluate the patent's ability to prevent infringement, compare and value patent portfolios, and identify high-potential licensing candidates. Assessments are cost-effective, accurate and deliver actionable results swiftly.

Clients work smarter and faster, achieving data-driven and accurate results. Whether you need a patent assessment or want to determine the likelihood of successfully licensing or selling a portfolio, we have you covered.

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There is no other system like it