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Patent Checkup

Produce superior patents and patent portfolios

When was your last Patent Checkup? Find out if a patent has value. See if a patent can be monetized. Learn how a patent can be strengthened. Make better decisions and save money.

Patents are expensive assets, knowing their value helps decisions regarding monetization and investment

A common approach is to hire lawyers and patent experts which is prohibitively expensive, time consuming and error prone even for experienced patent specialists. Commercial patent tools automate certain tasks but are not geared for value analysis and are expensive. Tools also rely on patent office data but there is simply no information that can be used directly to assess value since patents are prosecuted irrespective if they have value or not.

Utilizing AI

Patent checkup is inexpensive and provides accurate results quickly

We invented a way to analyze patents by developing an AI system designed specifically for patents using machine language processing combined with a knowledge database stemming from thousands of lawyers and patent experts. Clients work smarter, faster and achieve results that are data driven and accurate. Whether your goal requires patent assessment or determining the likelihood that a portfolio can be successfully licensed or sold — we provide unrivaled insights that are inexpensive and easy to use.

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