Determined to find a better way.

Our mission is simple

Creating innovative solutions to analyze patent portfolios faster, save costs and work smarter

Our raison d’être is to provide easy-to-use products to improve the analysis of patents. We are emulating for patents what Electronic Design Automation (EDA) did for the semiconductor industry – providing automation to help patent professionals to assess patent value. With small portfolios the analysis is relatively easy, however with larger sized portfolios the task becomes challenging. Typically the approach has been to rely on subject matter experts (SMEs) to analyze each patent in the portfolio – problematic since the assessments are subjective and error prone. Furthermore the use of SMEs becomes cost prohibitive with large sized portfolios.

Hence we changed how portfolio analysis is done by developing an AI platform optimized for the task. Rather than depending on individual SMEs our AI system leverages the collective knowledge of thousands of legal, technical and business experts combined with millions of records and real-time data. We have replaced a subjective assessment with a systematic approach to efficiently analyze a portfolio of any size, producing results that are data driven and accurate.

Richard Moses, CEO and Founder

Pelent was founded in 2015 by Richard Moses. Richard has served the world’s leading patent organizations including IBM, Intel, Philips and Panasonic, currently he assists SMEs, Fortune 500 clients companies and government organizations with patent assessment, portfolio management, valuation and monetization. Richard is also subject matter expert in semiconductor products and their use in the industry.

Formerly, Richard worked for technology leaders including IBM, Hitachi and Philips Information Systems. His experience spans strategic planning, program management, technical marketing, application engineering and design. Richard graduated with honors from Concordia University with a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and is a member of the LES, IEEE and Professional Engineers of Ontario. He received the F.A. Gerard Prize, the EE Medal and scholarship from the National Research Council of Canada.

Finding A Better Way

Finding valuable patents is really hard to do. Current methods are generally costly and difficult to use; they demand considerable effort and require individuals with specialized skill sets.

“When I started my career as a hardware engineer, we handcrafted logic design manually. Fast forward to IBM Microelectronics where we designed and produced the world’s most complex multi-million gate systems on a chip; impossible without the use of automation. When I entered the world of IP, it was like stepping back in time, the work was done manually, time consuming and error prone – surprisingly, it’s still done this way!  I was determined to find a better way.”
— Richard Moses

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We reinvented the way to analyze portfolios by developing an AI platform optimized for patents. Clients work smarter and faster, and achieve results that are data driven and accurate. Whether your goal requires portfolio valuation, discovering companies with valuable patents, or determining the likelihood that a portfolio can be successfully licensed or litigated — we provide unrivalled insights that are easy to use.