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Richard Moses
COO, Pelent Patent Analytics


Pelent’s Portfolio Analyzer provides an overall portfolio snapshot including Patent Rating metrics and a ‘floorplan’ visualization which allows users to hone into technology areas with the highest concentration of valuable patents.

The Quickview URL provides a dynamic link for viewing the snapshot – placing the cursor onto any of the blocks provides a technical description of the selected block, the number of patents and ratings within the block.

Patent Rating metrics

Patent Checkup uses a Patent Rating scale “A” through “D”. A-rated patents represent patents with the highest value, B-rated patents have medium value, C-rated patents have low value and D-rated patents are unlikely to have value.

Overall portfolio metrics are shown on the left. A color-coded bar graph illustrates the number and percentage of A-rated (green), B-rated(yellow), C-rated(red) and D-rated (grey) patents.

Portfolio Floorplan

The rectangular Portfolio Floorplan illustrates the composition of the portfolio and includes all the patents in the portfolio.

  • Each block in the layout represents a different technology group. The IPC technology group for the block is shown in the top left corner.

  • The color is determined by the highest rating for the patents located within the block/technology group.

  • The block size is proportional to the number of patents within the block — the larger the block size, the higher the number of patents.