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Portfolio Checkup

Produce superior patents and patent portfolios

Portfolio management is an essential part of corporate strategy, especially for companies that hold large patent portfolios. Knowing where your patents stand in terms of value is mandatory for several strategic purposes including enterprise valuation, monetization, benchmarking, mergers & acquisitions, and portfolio development.

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Our AI System Versus SMEs

The first step is understanding what you have in your own patent portfolio. Typically, the approach has been to rely on subject matter experts (SMEs) to analyze each patent in the portfolio. SMEs are skilled at making assessments based on the key factors affecting the value of each patent. However, the assessments are entirely subjective and error prone even for experienced patent specialists. Mistakes can cause thousands of dollars in wasted effort and legal costs. Even a single overlooked claim element can severely limit the value of a patent. For large portfolios, the use of SMEs alone becomes cost prohibitive.

Our Approach

The alternative for portfolios relies on using automation. Commercial patent analysis tools automate certain tasks; however, none are geared specifically for value analysis. Furthermore, the tools are generally expensive, require training and a skilled user. The problem is that these tools typically rely on patent office data and there is simply no information that can be directly applied towards determining value. Patents are granted irrespective of whether allowed claims can be shown to have value or not. Some attempts have been made to extract inferences, for example using claim word count as an indicator; however, experience and feedback from clients has shown that these methods are generally inaccurate.

Benefits of Checkup

We help our clients get more out of their patent portfolio. It’s about understanding how to identify high value patents, and then deciding how to make those patents work for the company’s bottom line. The analysis allows clients to make informed choices about how to best leverage their portfolio. The results can be used for bench marking portfolios, identifying patents suitable for licensing, portfolio development and reducing maintenance costs by identifying low- value patents.

Portfolio Checkup

Portfolio Checkup allows users to assess the overall value of a portfolio and home in on technology areas with the highest concentration of valuable patents, uncover hidden value patents, and flush out weak patents for abandonment. The report can form the basis for further decisions concerning the portfolio development or used to promote a company’s value. Typical use of portfolio analysis includes:

  • Identifying valuable portfolios

  • Valuation

  • Licensing

  • Impairment Testing

  • Benchmarking

  • Strengthening patent portfolios

Portfolio Analyzer

Pelent’s Portfolio Analyzer provides an overall portfolio snapshot including Patent Rating metrics and a ‘floorplan’ visualization which allows users to hone into technology areas with the highest concentration of valuable patents.

The Quickview URL provides a dynamic link for viewing the snapshot – placing the cursor onto any of the blocks provides a technical description of the selected block, the number of patents and ratings within the block.

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Utilizing AI

Patent checkup is inexpensive and provides accurate results quickly

We invented a way to analyze patents by developing an AI system designed specifically for patents using machine language processing combined with a knowledge database stemming from thousands of lawyers and patent experts. Clients work smarter, faster and achieve results that are data driven and accurate. Whether your goal requires patent assessment or determining the likelihood that a portfolio can be successfully licensed or sold — we provide unrivaled insights that are inexpensive and easy to use.

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