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A strong patent portfolio is the backbone of a successful business.

A strong patent portfolio is the backbone of a successful business. Portfolio management is an essential part of corporate strategy, especially for companies that hold patent portfolios. Knowing where your patents stand in terms of value is mandatory for several strategic purposes including enterprise valuation, monetization, benchmarking, mergers & acquisitions, and portfolio development.

Our AI System Versus SMEs

The first step is in understanding what you have in your own patent portfolio. With small patent portfolios the analysis is easy; however, when portfolios grow to hundreds or thousands of patents the task becomes more challenging. Typically, the approach has been to rely on subject matter experts (SMEs) to analyze each patent in the portfolio. SMEs are skilled at making assessments based on the key factors affecting the value of each patent. However the assessments are entirely subjective and depend on the experts’ experience and resources. Withe large sized portfolios, the use of SMEs alone becomes cost prohibitive.

Our Approach

By developing an AI platform optimized for the task, we changed how portfolio analysis is done. Rather than depending on individual SMEs, our AI system leverages the collective knowledge of thousands of legal, technical and business experts combined with millions of records and real-time data. We have replaced a subjective assessment with a systematic approach to efficiently analyze a portfolio of any size, producing results that are data driven and accurate.

Benefits of Patent Portfolio Analysis

We help our clients work smarter and get more out of their patent portfolio. It’s about understanding how to identify high value patents, and then deciding how to make those patents work for the company’s bottom line.

  • The analysis highlights attributes where the portfolio has potential to enhance corporate value
  • The analysis allows clients to make informed choices about how to best leverage their portfolio
  • The results can be used for benchmarking portfolios, identifying patents suitable for licensing and reducing maintenance costs by identifying low value patents

Portfolio Analysis Report

A Portfolio Analysis report allows users to assess the overall value of a portfolio and hone into technology areas with the highest concentration of valuable patents, uncover hidden value patents, and flush out weak patents for abandonment. The report can form the basis for further decisions concerning the portfolio development or used to promote a company’s value. Typical use of portfolio analysis includes:

  • Identifying valuable portfolios
  • Valuation analysis
  • Licensing opportunities
  • Benchmarking
  • Patent acquisition
  • Strengthening patent portfolios
  • Flush out weak patents for abandonment.

Get Intelligent Insight Quickly and Easily

The Portfolio Analysis report includes the Portfolio Analyzer – a user-friendly visualization tool for any given portfolio of patents. Results are displayed as a “floorplan” highlighting the technologies covered by the portfolio, areas where valuable patents are located and the distribution of valuable patents.

The portfolio analyzer includes:

  1. Portfolio Metrics: Overall portfolio metrics are illustrated on the left side of the analyzer, i.e. the number and percentage of A-rated, B-rated, C-rated and D-rated patents.
  2. Portfolio Layout: The rectangular layout illustrates the composition of the portfolio and includes all the patents in the portfolio. Each block in the layout represents a different technology group. The IPC technology group for the block is shown in the top left corner. The colour is determined by the highest rating for the patents located within the block/technology group. The block size is proportional to the number of patents within the block — the larger the block size, the higher the number of patents.
  3. Floorplan url: The Floorplan url provides a dynamic link to an interactive view for a given portfolio layout. Moving the cursor to any of the blocks provides a technical description of the selected block, the number of patents and associated ratings within the block.

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