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Checkup determines if a patent or patent portfolio has value. Knowing their value helps decisions regarding monetization and further investment. Checkups are inexpensive and provides accurate results quickly.


Patent Checkup uses a Patent Rating scale “A” through “D”. A-ratings represent patents with the highest value, D-ratings represent patents unlikely to have value.


Portfolio Checkup assesses the value of a portfolio. It identifies valuable patents, patents for strengthening and flushes out weak patents.

Custom Services

Custom services are tailored for patent monetization and making patents more valuable. After analyzing thousands of patents, producing hundreds of claim charts, selling and licensing patents we have a pretty good idea what drives patent value.

Why Checkup

Companies recognize the opportunity to exploit the economic power conveyed by the ownership of patents . Company management, stakeholders and investors are taking note — they realize that it is vital to understand the value of the patents it owns and the impact on the company’s net worth.

Surprisingly, the practice of valuing patents is often not on the financial sector’s radar let alone being carried out with a degree of competence.

Patents are expensive assets, knowing their value helps decisions regarding monetization and further investment Patent checkup is inexpensive and provides accurate results quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the system been verified and validated?

The system has been verified and validated with over twenty thousand US patents with known value achieving greater than 90% accuracy. We continuously verify the system with patents and portfolios with known value ; accuracy results are consistently greater than 90%. More often the system identifies patents incorrectly valued when assessed manually or using other tools. Lastly the system is designed for continuous self-improvement – as the database grows the system accuracy improves.

What makes a patent valuable?

Valuable patents are patents that provide economic benefit and can be enforced against infringement. Valuable patents have high business value and high legal value. Patents are rated according to Business Value and Legal Value, both are individually scored and combined to formulate the Patent Rating. Checkup analyzes each patent claim and the final rating is determined by the independent claim with the highest combined score.

What differentiates Pelent?

The common approach is to hire lawyers and patent experts which is expensive, time consuming and error prone. Commercial patent tools automate certain tasks but are not geared for value analysis, and they are expensive. Tools also rely on patent office data and there is simply no information that can be directly applied to determine value since patents are prosecuted irrespective if they have value or not. Pelent is an AI rule-based system using USPTO and US patent infringement data. In essence the system leverages the collective knowledge of thousands of legal, technical and business experts combined with millions of records and real-time data. We provide a systematic approach to efficiently analyze a patent or a portfolio of any size producing results that are data driven and accurate.

How does the system work?

Pelent is an AI rule-based system applying logic and expert knowledge. The system acquires patent data from the USPTO and US patent infringement litigations daily. The system uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and algorithms designed for patents. Patent analysis takes minutes versus hours, a portfolio typically takes hours versus several days or weeks. Since the launch of Version 1.0 in 2015 the database has grown considerably, in essence becoming ‘smarter’. Over a hundred thousand litigations have been analyzed, indexed and archived in the system’s data base. Version 2.0, released in 2019 improved performance, reliability and security. The system runs 24/7 using high performance cloud-based servers.

What types of patents does Pelent support?

The system is optimized specifically for US patents. The system supports publications of the United States Patent office including granted patents and published patent applications. The system does not support other foreign jurisdictions and pharmaceutical patents.

Why analyze patent claims?

Claims are the most important part of a patent and their analysis is an absolute requirement for determining value. Unidentified claim elements can severely limit the value of a patent or cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted efforts and legal costs. Invariably each and every limitation or claim element must be identified – a doctrine known as the all-elements rule.

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Utilizing AI

Patent checkup is inexpensive and provides accurate results quickly

We invented a way to analyze patents by developing an AI system designed specifically for patents using machine language processing combined with a knowledge database stemming from thousands of lawyers and patent experts. Clients work smarter, faster and achieve results that are data driven and accurate. Whether your goal requires patent assessment or determining the likelihood that a portfolio can be successfully licensed or sold — we provide unrivaled insights that are inexpensive and easy to use.

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