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Portfolio valuation involves specialized skills and significant time and effort. We provide informative portfolio insights by applying legal, business and technical perspectives which other tools do not. We reduce the time and effort required by the client by combining our proprietary AI tools, technical skills and business experience working with patent attorneys. Results are fast, data driven and accurate – our clients save costs and work smarter.

Patent Ratings

A quantitative system that thoroughly analyzes each claim and rates a patent using a scale from A to D. A-ratings represent patents with the highest economic value, D-ratings represent patents unlikely to have economic value.

Portfolio Analysis

An assessment of a portfolio’s value including patent ratings highlighting technology areas with the highest concentration of valuable patents.

Portfolio Valuation

Valuation is essential for any business, particularly for mid-to-large sized companies that invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on their portfolios.

Custom Services

We create value for clients by identifying valuable patents, enabling revenue from underutilized patents, strengthening patent portfolios and saving costs.

Why Choose Us?

The Claim Analyzer, patent ratings and portfolio analysis provide a suite of services that are easy to use. Portfolio owners and managers can consistently analyze and identify valuable patents and patent portfolios.

Our AI System:

  • There is no other system with the capabilities of our proprietary AI system
  • Various methods used to measure patent strength and quality cannot be reliably used to assess value
  • Pelent provides the only system that accurately identifies patent value
  • The AI system leverages the collective knowledge of thousands of legal, technical and business experts combined with a large database of patent records and known valuable patents

Patent savvy companies recognize the opportunity to exploit the economic power conveyed by the ownership of patents through licensing, litigation, divestiture and acquisition. Company management, stakeholders and investors are taking note — they realize that it is vital to understand the value of the patents it owns and the impact on the company’s net worth. Surprisingly, the practise of valuing patents is often not on the financial sector’s radar let alone being carried out with a degree of competence.

There is also an underlying assumption that best efforts are being made to leverage a patented invention and that the economic potential is being exploited. This assumption is not always true, more often companies do not fully exploit the full economic potential of the patents they own. Hence, there is a need in determining the economic opportunity represented by potentially underutilized patents. Pelent answers this demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates Pelent?

Various methods used to measure patent strength and quality cannot be reliably used to assess value. Pelent is the only system that accurately identifies patent value. Our AI system leverages the collective knowledge of thousands of legal, technical and business experts combined with real-time data. There is no other system like it.

How does the system work?

The system acquires patent data from the USPTO and US patent infringement litigations. Litigated patents are used as a proxy for valuable patents. An AI system uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze and extract information from the litigated patents, the extracted data is stored in the Model Server database. Each patent is analyzed, its representation is extracted and then rated by the algorithm according to its Detectability and Commercial Value.

What makes a patent valuable?

Valuable patents provide substantial economic benefit to their owners. We start with the basic assumption that patents that are licensable are valuable. While not every valuable patent ends up being licensed, the relationship is sufficiently strong to posit that licensable patents are a good proxy for valuable patents.

Why rate patents?

The value of any given portfolio of patents cannot be measured by the quantity of patents alone. Rather the number of valuable patents within the portfolio determines its value. Therefore the determination of the value of a patent portfolio requires, as a first step, that each patent be valued accordingly.

What types of patents does Pelent support?

The Claim Analyzer and Patent Ratings are designed and optimized specifically for US patents. The system supports publications of the United States Patent office including granted patents and published patent applications. The system does not support other foreign jurisdictions and pharmaceutical patents.

Why analyze patent claims?

Claims are the most important part of a patent and their analysis is an absolute requirement for determining value. Unidentified claim elements can severely limit the value of a patent or cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted efforts and legal costs. Invariably each and every limitation or claim element must be identified – a doctrine known as the all-elements rule.

Why analyze patents?

A granted patent has economic value associated with it by preventing others from entering a market or making use of the patented invention; it potentially provides significant economic benefit with a right to exclude others from making, using or selling an invention. Understanding patent value and what technologies they cover is essential for any business especially for technology companies that hold significant portfolios.

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