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AI-powered Services Designed to Support Our Client’s Business Goals

Pelent is a multi-purpose platform designed to support a wide spectrum of services and applications. Custom services apply Pelent enabled solutions for specific requirements as well as integration into our clients’ process.

We changed the way to manage and monetize patent portfolios so that clients work smarter and more efficiently. Whether we’re supporting assertions, selling patents, strengthening your portfolio or identifying undervalued companies, we keep your goals in mind.

Custom Services Include:

Patent Development

  • We reduce the time and effort required by the client by combining our technical skills, business experience working with patent attorneys and our proprietary Patent Development Process (PDP). The end result is a lower overall cost to the client and increased value of patent applications

Infringement EoU and Claim Charts

  • Whether for licensing or selling patents, effective transaction negotiations depend on compelling “Evidence of Use” (EoU) in the form of a claim chart. Patent claims provide owners the “right to exclude others,” i.e. they put the world on notice with respect to the subject area and boundaries of an invention
  • In the patent world, claim charts are used to illustrate how a real-world product or service is infringing on a given patent claim or claims. A vital tool, claim charts demonstrate “use” of the patent claims in relation to a product or method in a clear and concise manner
  • Infringement must be proven either by showing that the product or method infringes each and every element, or each and every step of the asserted claims, providing concrete factual evidence that a patented invention is being used

Selling Patents

  • Selling patents that are underutilized provides capital to meet other business needs, or to fund additional R&D
  • Purchasers of patents may be either strategic or financial buyers
  • Strategic buyers look to acquire IP that is relevant to the operation of their business, and support their own freedom to operate (FTO) in a given technology space
  • Financial buyers purchase IP and turn it into profitable revenue streams by offering those through licensing programs
  • Selling patents is a complex and time-consuming process. It entails preparation of supporting materials and supporting a professional broker through the sale period, which typically lasts nine to 12 months
  • Precluding the process is a key decision made by the owner between selling patent assets to a third-party buyer or pursuing a licensing strategy
  • A Portfolio Analysis helps to identify underutilized assets; Patent Ratings prioritize suitable candidates for sale
  • Using Target Mapping as an analysis serves to identify companies and products potentially using the patented technology and the associated revenue. Depending on a client’s objectives, different criteria are used to select targets
  • A Patent Product Matrix is then developed that reflects the objectives and maps A-rated patents to products being manufactured by potential licensing targets. A valuation is done to prepare a business case as well as an ask price
  • A compelling “Evidence of Use” (EoU) in the form of a claim chart arms the broker to optimize the sale value and secure a successful transaction

Patent Strengthening

  • It can take several years from the time an invention is filed until a patent is granted, during that period a competitor product may have entered within the patented space
  • Strengthening programs entail monitoring products and aligning the claims of the patent application accordingly. If an element is missing in a current claim but is found in the disclosure, the claim can be tuned to specific targets, or if there is another innovation in the disclosure, it is highly advisable to file a continuation
  • When a claim is allowed, there is a three-month window where continuations can be filed before the patent is granted; allowed claims should be checked within this time frame to determine if a strengthening opportunity exists since patent families with continuations are more valuable and bolster the value of the portfolio

Fintech Analytics

  • Patent portfolios are core to the value of a company, in particular for high technology companies holding sizable patent portfolios. However, the value of these portfolios remain either misunderstood or unrecognized by the financial community because methods are either inaccurate or simply too costly to perform
  • Our goal is to identify valuable patent portfolios owned by publicly traded companies and help investors make systematic investment decisions effectively and efficiently
  • We provide fund managers access to patent data quickly and at a fraction of the cost. For example, a company’s patent portfolio value can be compared to its current market cap or benchmarked against competitors
  • A valuable portfolio may be an indicator for future earnings growth
  • A valuable portfolio may be particularly critical for a publicly traded company embroiled in patent litigation with a competitor since any settlements or court decisions may have a significant impact on a company’s stock price

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